Is My Data Secure Online?

It's good to see you are taking the security of your data seriously. So are we.

As with any online system that stores your data and presents it to you via web applications, there are 3 areas that you should check are secured:

1. Security of data in transit:

Can the data being transferred between the server and your computer be intercepted and read? We provide high quality security of transmitting data.

2. Security of data in storage:

Can a would-be hacker gain access to the servers on which your data is stored over the internet or another network? Our servers are hosted with companies hosting servers of large enterprises. All necessary infrastructures are in place to prevent any unauthorized access.

3. Physical security of data:

Are the actual physical servers in a secure environment? Our servers are in secure environments with access to only relevant people and all measures enforced to ensure that only relevant people are allowed to gain access.

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