Easy to use:

  • Totally free for 14 days - no obligation to buy
  • Low monthly payments - No hardware or software to buy
  • No annual contract - cancel at anytime

Improves Productivity:

  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Intuitive interface
  • No jargons
  • Free and fast support

Saves Time:

  • Reminders by email when an action becomes overdue
  • Peace of mind knowing you will never overlook an action causing delay.
  • Quickly and easily generate documentation - Email directly or print
  • The freedom to respond quickly to queries regardless of if you are at home or in the office or on the move
  • Ability to send invoices and documents by email - directly with one click
  • Stay on top of unpaid invoices and unresolved cases
  • Easily store and retrieve information on all of your contacts
  • Record how and when payments have been made and received
  • Accurate record keeping and status updates

Improves efficiency:

  • Create customised, tailored documents and templates.
  • Simplified status updates and chasing payments
  • Delegate tasks to your employees and keep track of the case status
  • Manage your opportunities and leads
  • Statistics on cases, payments and much more
  • Identify long standing cases and better or worse performing solicitors
  • Easily deal with any status update queries
  • Generate and email invoices to medical companies and keep track of payments
  • Insightful graphical reports on all aspects of your business
  • Visually see how your business is growing
  • You and your colleagues can access all information at the same time
  • Get invoices to customers quicker and improve cashflow

Increase Customer Service Levels:

  • Present a professional and organised image to your customers
  • Track where each of your customers instruct from - who was the referrer?
  • See how effective your marketing spend has been
  • Automatic reminders and alerts about the tasks related to the cases
  • Maintain a list of your all contacts - Solicitors, Medical agencies, Recovery, Hire and Repair companies.


  • All data stored securely online and backed up every day.
  • No need to spend time backing up your data or fretting because it’s not been done
  • Levels of security comparable with internet banking
  • Peace of mind knowing your information is much more secure than it is stored on your own computer

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